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Welcome to Boise State University’s recharge centers.  You can use this page to log into Core facilities that utilize iLab by clicking the login button on the top right corner of this page. To view iLab Core facilities click the Core Faciliites tab above. For questions relating to iLab, please contact Diane Smith at or (208) 426-2256.

For more information regarding Core Facilities at Boise State University, please click here to navigate: (1) information about managing University recharge centers; and (2) links to approved recharge centers containing details about the services offered and their associated rates. If you have any questions or concerns regarding core facilities, please contact Corrie Newland at or (208) 426-1066. 

iLab Cores at Boise State University

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Biomolecular Research Center

Provides a wide range of instrumentation and technical support to facilitate multidisciplinary research in biomedical and biomolecular applications.

Biomolecular Research Center 208-426-2238
Boise State Center for Materials Characterization

A state-of-the-art characterization facility designed to provide organization and infrastructure to a variety of materials characterization tools to academia and regional companies, improving science and engineering education.

Dr. Rick Ubic 208-426-2309
Idaho Microfabrication Lab

The IML core facility is equipped to fabricate microelectronic devices using thin film deposition, chemical processing, etching and photolithography.

Peter Miranda 208-447-6636
Vivarium Services

Matt Lundgren 208-426-2345